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Steady Drones

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Steady Drones
Just read what one customer had to say :   After reading P/M Brian Donnachie's review, verifying that he's real and really a pipe major, I took a chance and swapped out the EzeDrone reeds that came stock with my Dunbar P1s for a set of Steady Drone Reeds on the strength of his recommendation. I am absolutely amazed at how easily they set up, and they do have a rock-steady tone, regardless of how hard I blow. When I'm not playing in a ceilidh ensemble, I'm a solo piper and typically play in outdoor venues as often as indoors, especially during the Christmas season. Rocky Mountain winters are very rough and very cold, and these reeds are completely indifferent to drastic temperature changes. They are incredibly easy to recover from condensation build-up, taking about as long to perform as it does to read about the process: I simply remove them from their seats, flick out the water with one flick of the wrist, re-seat, re-insert the drone into the stock, strike in, and I'm playing again without having to re-tune! I'm amazed at the tone; I can scarcely believe that they're not cane reeds. Beautifully simple to install, beautifully steady regardless of pressure changes, beautiful price, and they're ideal for producing a rich, bright tone for which Dunbar is known. The only drawback? Not getting them sooner. And the excellent service by Bagpipes Galore is unequaled! I heartily recommend them to anyone! Thank you for a peerless product and stellar service! ---John Loveland, Utah, USA Rating: [5 of 5 Stars!]     

and another... I thought there was no way they would ever perform as claimed. Now, understand that I have been trying to rehabilitate and refurbish an old cheap set of un-named, fairly old (tune low) probably Pakistanis (as a lost cause) project for quite a while....but cannot get a stable tone. With drone reeds from Bannatyne, Ross and Crozier, I could not get a reasonable tone or reliable performance or reasonable air usage.........well today I popped in my brand new Steady Drone reeds.....and they fired up like champions with a deep rich tone immediately. I was tuned and sorted in under 2 minutes. Remarkable. Simple is sometimes best. I am still astonished how well these work!! - Sean in Edmonton, Canada. Rating: [5 of 5 Stars!]     

yes there's more...     Just received my first set of Steady Drones - extremely pleased. It's almost plug-and-play - much simpler than the mucking about which is a part of installing other brands. Great sound, nice to play, and great value too. A piper couldn't ask for more. Buy a set and you won't regret it. Rating: [5 of 5 Stars!]   

and more...   I was immediately taken to the tone from these drones, instant setup, just pop them in and they play instantly, they needed no intervention in initial tuning, may require some final tweeks after a while but as yet I have not had to touch them, a simple adjustment to the bridle would be required if any. Every band member that have tried them so far have bought a set, given that they are new to the market, the costs are dramatically lower than most other drone reeds on the market at present. Helpful guys in the shop, would also setup drones if required. So far I have replaced 40 percent of my band to these drones, remaining 60 percent still playing easydrones, but are keen to change. The steady drones reeds are also beneficial to intermediate level pipers but are suitable to all levels of pipers. I most definately recommend them, Pipe Major Brian Donnachie Rating: [5 of 5 Stars!]   

I purchased a set of your Steady Drones Reeds and I just wanted to tell you how impressed I am with the overall performance of these reeds. Great strike in, tone and stability. Many Thanks.

l would just like to congratulate you again on your steady drone reeds. My pipes are Thows in Coccus wood from 1895 and I have tried all types of reeds in the drones including eezidrone  without success until I tried your reeds. What a brilliant mellow tone which everyone who has heard them has commented on, and for a change all three drones are sounding. You can't believe what a difference this has made to my morale after months of searching for drone reeds that will actually work. Thank you again and I will definitely be buying another set to keep as spare set in the near future.

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