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Highland Bagpipe Swivel Blowpipe

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Highland Bagpipe Swivel Blowpipe
(offer includes 1xBlowpipe and 1xMouthpiece)

Both mouthpiece and blow stick have an "oversized bore" of 9mm to combat any excessive resistance.
Blowpipes are measured from bottom of projecting mount to tip of blow stick and are available in 25cm 27cm 30cm.

This is a high quality blow stick suitable for any highland bagpipe.
It includes an oversized flap valve and a swivel joint for true player comfort.
You could easily pay double what we are charging for this item.

Please note two pictured but sale is for ONE only.

Nigel Mcloughlin 28 Jun 2016
    Just purchased the 25cm swivel blowpipe. 
Great value for money I have seen the rj hardie flexi mount but its double the price and has a smaller mount well pleased with this purchase 
keep up the good work lads

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Customer reviews
Shopping Satisfaction
Pleasant balance between quality and price !
Piet van der Maden .
Shopping Satisfaction
Eddie H.
Shopping Satisfaction
This blowpipe is high-quality, while there are no problems with it. But instead of the indicated size of 30 cm I got 28.5 cm.
Yevhenii S.
Shopping Satisfaction
Exactly as pictured/described w/ fast shipping. Great functionality.
Todd L.
Shopping Satisfaction
Good addition to my pipes. I donít have to go searching for the mouthpiece any more 👍
Peter C.
Shopping Satisfaction
Perfect Product !
Christoph T.
Shopping Satisfaction
Good quality.
Edwin T.
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