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Edwin Pun 11 Apr 2019
    Ordered a set of practice. Order sent out very quickly by registered post. Took the post one week to deliver. Very good quality. Will order again in the future.
INQUEL gerard 21 Jun 2017
    I have bought a delrin set in november 2016(Nice sound,great value).I found a leak on the bag on may 2017.They send me back right away a new one.Great sellers and special thanks to Neil who take a great care of the customers.Merci!!
Drew Bond 21 May 2017
    My experience with Bagpipes Galore has been completely positive and i can not express anymore love for this company and website. i plan on all my future bagpipe purchases being through
Anne Marie Spoerri 4 Feb 2017
    My thanks to this highly recommendable shop with excellent, fast and polite customer care!
Ivan Hubbard 16 Sep 2016
    Thank you for such fantastic service (as usual), my pipes etc. arrived yesterday (Tuesday, ordered pm Sunday), as they are a present from my family, I am not allowed them till Christmas, hopefully time to get up to speed with the practice pipes .

As a beginner, your manner, advice, products & service has put me on the first steps of GHBP experience , which I thought was out of reach for me.

Kind regards
Nigel Mcloughlin 6 Sep 2016
    Just purchased some Arborduer chanter reeds great found them easy to blow and they sound great also nice quick delivery
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